The Notorious story.
The Notorious story.
Two of the first Notorious champions.
Dogs, Dogs, Dogs!
My parents Siv and Christer Jernhake at a dogshow 1968.
Brief history.

Dogs have always been a part of my life!!
* 1969 *
Born into a doggy family with both my parents Siv and Christer Jernhake beeing succesful breeders and judges of  Terriers.
Already as a toddler I loved the dogs.
As a young girl I loved going to the dogshows and wanted a dog of my own.
In my teens I became very interested in genetics, pedigrees and breeding.
* 1986 *
The first Notorious Griffon was born.

Me and my sister Mia at Silverlands with some Gaywyn scottie puppies.
How it all started.

Scotties, Sealyham and Norwichterriers at kennel Vendettas are some of the breeds I grew up with. I also spent a lot of time at Silverlands in England, home of the famous Gaywyn Scotties, Westies and Sealyhams. Mr and Mrs Owen became like a second pair of grandparents to me and my sister during the years in the seventies when my father worked in England. I also continued to visit them later on during some of my school holidays. I learnt a lot and loved to help with the dogs, puppies, bordingkennels and cattery.

Handling one of the Vendetta Scotties.
How the griffons came into my life.
I was 9 years old and wanted a dog that was really mine. My parents decided it would be best if I had a breed of my own as it would be difficult for them not to interfere if  it had been one of their breeds. I wanted a small companion dog and something from the toy group seemed obvious. My suggestion was a Shih-tzu but luckely enough before we had come to a decision we met Ingrid Raij , Inras griffons and saw her two gorgeous griffon pups Daffodil and Dandelion. Meeting the griffons had a real impact on us. Daffodil "Fia" became my first Griffon and what a lovely griffon, not a show specimen but a real character.
Ever since that day there has been griffons in our lives both mine and my parents.
My first griffon Fia.
How the Notorious breeding began.

As I became older a wanted a griffon that I could show and in the future breed from.
We had noticed the success of the beautiful Starbeck griffons during the beginning of the 80-ies and decided that we would want one from theese lines. In 1984 I got a pretty little rough girl, Starbeck Cornflower Belle by Ch.Starbeck Chindit.
She was indeed a very pretty griffon but didn't have the show temperament to go with it. She also had a very difficult coat to trim. Luckely enough I had two puppies from her by Ch.Hostlers Heart Breaker. They became the topwinning Int.Ch.Notorious Muffin Man and Ch.Notorious Miss Muffet .

Mia with Starbeck Cornflower Belle and dad with Ch.Notorious Muffin Man.
Ch. Notorious Miss Muffet the start of a very strong line.
Ch.Notorious Miss Muffet was the foundation bitch of the Vendettas griffons. She also was the dam of my foundation bitch Ch.Vendettas Kiri Te Kanawa who was by Ch.Moerangi Delusion. This line is still going strong through my breeding.
Annika with her second Notorious griffon pup Miss Muffet.
Learning about griffons at Moerangi.
In 1986 my father went to work in Australia for half a year and the family came with him. It was fantastic to experience this wonderful country. We also went to dog shows and met a lot of doggy people. There we also met Mollie Grocott, Moerangi griffons. She was a fantastic lady with so much experience from around the world. She offered me to come and stay with her in
New Zealand.
I had a fabulous time there with her and her griffons and I learnt so much. She was so generous, a real goldmine in the dog world. She also had a huge collection of dog books, papers and clippings which I tried to make time to read whilst I was there. She even let me copy some really rare griffon articles from the beginng of the century. It ended up with a life long friendship which I never shall forget.
The on the porch at Moerangi with Mollie Grocott and friends.
Moerangi griffons in Sweden.

Two Moerangi griffons came to us
NZ&SwCh.Moerangi Foxmoth to me and NZ&SwCh.Moerangi  Delusion to my parents
Delusion has been very important to our breeding, Foxmoth sadly never had any puppies with us.

Top winning griffon NZ.&Sw.Ch. Moerangi Delusion.
NZ.&Sw.Ch Moerangi Foxmoth
Annika with NZ.&Sw.Ch.Moerangi Foxmoth.
Two very important Swedish griffonbreeders.

I also had the privilege to buy a very nice bitch from Lena Hedfors who was one of the top griffon breeders at this time with long experience. I visited Lena on several occassions. She was always very nice to me and we had very interesting discussions about breeding and griffons of the past. Sadly Lena passed away far too early. The bitch was Int.Ch.Backängens Marimba whom I had two litters from.

Gun-Ell Sehlstedt, Walliant griffons is another great griffon breeder with so much experience. I have  had many interesting conversations with her and still have. She is still very much one of Swedens top breeders with 50 years in the breed and one to really admire.

These two ladies have really been of greatest importans to the swedish griffon breeding. Which we should be forever grateful for.

Annika with from the left Int.Ch.Backängens Marimba, a young griffon, Int.Ch.Notorious Muffin Man, Starbeck Cornflower Belle and Nz.&Sw.Ch.Moerangi Foxmoth.