Jack Iran, varmblod -94. Första hästen vi köpte, efter att ha haft några hästar på foder.

Kill Roy. Jennifer's första D-ponny

Kill Roy & Myska

Myska. Jennifer's andra D-ponny

Filip, minishetlandsponny.

Winston, shetlandsponny.

Horses became a part of my life 
All my children Jennifer, Marcus & Jesper went to riding school from a very early age and the whole family very much enjoyed the horses. So when we in 1999 moved to a farm with stables we decided to see how it would be to have horses of our own. We lent a Swedish trotting horse and a Shetland pony and discovered that although the hard work this was something for us. In 2001 we bought our first riding horse but as Jennifers interest and skills increased we decided she could have a pony to train and compete. She was especially keen on show jumping and that interest is still vivid. She is now 20 years and has had 5 show jumping ponies. We also had two shetland ponies for the boys but they lost interest after a couple of years. We have also had  a beautiful show jumping horse Denisa who sadly passed away last year only 15 years old. Now we have two horses and foal born in april 2011.

Very exciting!!

Jennifer has a homepage of her own
Pictures of some of our horses.