Siri now one year old!

Mother and daughter

Silverpilens Caramelli (Java)

Notorious Chihuahuas

I have been fond of the Chihuahuas since I was a child. When I started in griffons my sister Mia Jernhake had her first chihuahuas. They where very nice both in temperament and as show dogs and became champions. Soon enough she also started to breed them under the prefix Venganza. Unfortunately now days she can't do this due to her work.
My parents also very much likes this breed and are judges of them too.

Java Silverpilens Caramelli my first chihuahua became a part of our family when we and especially our son Jesper took care of this nice chihuahua. Her former owner decided since she settled so well with us and our griffons that we could have her. She is much loved by us all.
She is also of very good quality and we have mated her to top winning chihuahua MultiCh
ZZman's Testarossa.

Java got three puppies.
 In the photoalbum below are pics of the three little darlings.