High lights from 2009 & 2010

Busy mowing from Huddunge to Bergvik.

During the late autumn and early winter we have been busy moving.
it has been an awful lot of hard work moving from a big property to a smaller this time of the year!
But we did it and now we are finally settled and
 can look forward to experiencing spring here!

Bergvik is situated very beautifully in the coastal province of Hälsingland.

Griffonspecialen July 2010

BOS was Notorious Im Just Stunnin'
Judge was Joakim Olsson(Hackensack Cavaliers)

Her kennel mates also did very well.
N.Bitter Sweet Symphony was 2:nd bb.
N. Let Me Entertain You made a great debut,
won his class and was 3:rd bd.
              Congrats to his owners Johanna & Andreas
             The smooths N. She's Madonna was 3:rd bb
                 and N. The Worrying Kindwas 3:rd bd.

Notorious litter siblings

Best Puppy In Show 1 & 2

The rough Notorious Rag Doll
the smooth Bad Boy

Congratulions mum & Lena!

Puppies related to the Notorious lines

Very promising puppies born in the end of April 2010

by Vendettas Coq D'or out of
Notorious Where Fashion Sits.

Nova and Stella

These are the two bitch puppies.

Summer time with beuatiful Chihuahua pups

Notorious Aiming For The Sky
Notorious Sun Is Rising

Borås 20100704

Congratulaions to Lena Eliasson-Selling!
Notorious Bad Boy 
 won BOB puppy.

Notorious Champion No 27 !!!

Notorious She's Madonna 
The 27:th to become a

Champion !

A splendid weekend in Jönköping 20-21 of June

Notorious She's Madonna and
Notorious I'm Just Stunnin'
They both won the certificates under judge Paul Stanton. She's Madonna was also BOS and gained her champion title.
Both were also BOS the second day under judge Henrik Johansson.

Relaxing in Jönköping : )

Here my husband Mats is relaxing with two good girls 🤩 

Notorious Bluffin Muffin BOB Österbybruk 20100530

Congratulations Stefan Thelin!
Notorious Bluffin Muffin
won both the certificate and BOB!

Notorious 26:th champion!

keeping up the high percentage of champions.
Notorious Bitter Sweet Symphony
won her 8:th cerificate and became the 26:th champion!

Show debut 2010 Västerås 20100424

What a good show!
Henrik Johansson judged and Notorious She's Madonna was BOS and won the cerificate.
Notorious Bitter Sweet Symphony
was BOB and became a champion after winning her 8:th certificate!

Notorious gang now including chihuahuas.

Puppies from Notorious Where Fashion Sits by Vendettas Coq D'or

Notorious Where Fashion Sits a proper name for this lovely girl. Her young owner Felicia B Lövroth (a real fashionista) has together with her mother Maria got her first griffon litter 3+2. Congratulations!!
It will be very exciting to follow this litter.

For more information please contact me

Notorious the Worrying Kind continues to sire very nice litters

This little beauty comes from kennel Marquardsen .........

.........and this strong mover from Aspbackarnas.

I am also very happy that his grandchildren seem to be of the same excellent quality.

All my griffon puppies have moved to their new homes now

They have all moved to very good homes where they are much loved. I am also so pleased that they will be exhibited as they all are so very promising. 
This is Notorious Hot Tramp now living in Germany with Hannelore Ernst.

More photos and info under Notorious puppies tab.

The chihuahua puppies are developing nicely

I am very pleased with them and it is so exciting to follow their development. It is a bit different bringing them up to the griffons that I'm use to but an utter joy. I was also very happy to have Gabriella and Samuel www.smallisbeautiful.se (Rossos owners and experts on the breed) here to see them. They thought they looked very nice.
More photos of the puppies are presented under their own chihuahua tab.

Three Notorious chihuahua puppies by Multi.Ch. ZZman's Testarossa

Java has had two boys and one girl.
Contact Annika for more information.

Notorious goes Chihuahua!

This is Java "Silverpilens Caramellé"
She became a part of our family last year when we and especially our son Jesper took care of this nice chihuahua. Her former owner has now decided since she has settled so well with us and our griffons
that we could have her. She is much loved by us all.
She is also of very good quality and we have now mated her to a very nice chihuahua top winning MultiCh
ZZman's Testarossa.

The two sisters born in November 2009

Notorious Rag Doll & Hot Tramp (9 weeks) just had their heads trimmed for the first time. More information about them under Notorious Puppies.

Stockholm International Show December 2009

Two Notorious half sisters  had a super day.
Notorious Sweetest Taboo won the certificate, became a Champion and was 2:nd best bitch.
Notorious Where Fashion Sits(pictured when a puppy) also won certificate quality award from ung dog klass and was 3:d best bitch. She was very well shown by her young owner Felicia Brickman.

Puppies hopefully due in late november

Notorious Bitter Sweet Sympony (7 certificates) is mated to Vendettas Coq D´or. Here she is pictured with his sire Ch.Notorious The Worrying Kind. More info under Notorious Puppies.

Ch Notororious The Worrying Kind has sired two beautiful litters

Aspbackarnas griffons in Sweden  has one litter 2+1 out of Aspbackarna's Lambruscho D'ell Emilia.
The other litter is with Hannelore Ernst ( Zum Stiefelchen) in Germany. Also 2+1. Congratulations!

Helsingborg 090912

Congratulations!!! Notorious Million Dollar Trouper won his second certificate and was 2:nd best dog

My last summer shows 2009 Vallentuna & Högbo

Notorious Stay The Night made great debut in junior class winning the certificate and 2:nd best dog. 
Notorious Bitter Sweet Symphony has now won 7 certificates with several best bitch awards.

Her she is with N. The Worrying Kind who has become 2:nd best dog many times this seasson in tough competition!

Askersund 090809

Notorious Million Dollar Trouper in motion

Head study

Notorious Million Dollar Trouper was stunning when he won his class with honorary price, so full of himself. Jenny Sävlund took these beautiful pictures of him at the show.
Notorious Bitter Sweet Symphony won yet another certificate and was best bitch. Her halfsister
Vendettas Tant Gredelinwon BOB and became a Champion, congratulations!

Annika and Paco

Admiring Vendettas Coq D'or

Mia and mum at the show in Köping090719

Notorious She's Madonna together with Vendettas Tant Gredelin and Vendettas Coq D'or who both won a certificate.

Borås 090628 under Breed specialist David Guy.

Foto taken at the toy dog show when
N.Sweetest Taboo was 
Best In Show(young dog).

She also was second best bitch beaten by her half sister Vendettas Tant Gredelin who won the certificate and was BOB.
Ch.N.Michelle Ma Belle was best bitch.
N.Bitter Sweet Symphony was second best bitch and won the certificate.
BOB and the certificate was again gained by Vendettas Coq D'or who also ended up in fourth place for BIS . Congratulations to my parents to this lovely boy.

Pouring with rain at Avesta 090614

Ch.Notorious She's A Lady was at her first show since her large litter and became best bitch. Her son N.Million Dollar Trouper won the young dog class and also the certificate. Congratulations to Christina.

Having a rest between classes.

Notorious She's Madonna BOB at Vänersborg 090607

I was very proud of
Ch.Notorious The Worrying Kind, he was second best dog, both his children did very well. Notorious She's Madonna made a smashing debute winning BOB and gaining the certificate. His rough son Vendettas Coq D'or was also best of breed and won the certificate. Notorious Sweetest Taboo was second best bitch and her sister N. Bitter Sweet Symphony was second among the roughs. N. Michelle Ma Belle was best veteran.

Best puppy in show at Tångahed 090531

Notorious Stay The Night "Rocko"
did it again!!!
Best puppy in show at the griffon club show.
Ch.Notorious Clamour For Glamour was best champion bitch.
Ch.Notorious Michelle Ma Belle was best veteran bitch and 4:th best bitch
Ch.Notorious The Worrying Kind was 3:d best dog.

No puppies for sale at the moment

Notorious A Little Gambling
Has moved to Paris to live with Eva Strand who is the owner of   Dog récré.

Österbybruk Swedish Kennel Club show 090524

Notorious griffons had a very good day at Österbybruk. In the smooths Notorious The Worrying Kind was best of breed and became a Champion.
 Notorious Sweetest Taboo was second best bitch.  
In the roughs Ch.Notorious Clamour For Glamour was best bitch and Notorious Bitter Sweet Symphony was second and got the certificat.
Notorious Stay The Night
won 3:d puppy in show at his first show.
He lives with Anette Nilsson
 who also handled him very well.
(see picture)